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India Calls for Sharia punishments to rapists

Tue, 25 Dec 2012 - 02:08:39  | 
Source: By Ghulam Muhammed  |  Posted by:  I.G. Bhatkali
India Calls for Sharia punishments to rapists

The recent gang rape and murderous assault on a young girl in New Delhi is rocking the nation, as it has never before. Practically entire nation, women's organisations, politicians, parliamentarians, print and electoral media and general public is manifestly appalled at the gruesome torturous physical and sexual assault on a hapless student. It has shaken the very conscience of the nation. India appeared united in responding to the remorseless attacks on womenfolk in general and the Delhi girl is particular. Newspapers are running surveys on what could be the best measure/s to prevent such horrendous fate lurking for all women, whether they are in their homes, or commuting for work or studies. Overwhelming ratios suggest deterrent punishment, like death by hanging, life term, and even castration of the rapists. India being a very soft state, has always avoided extreme measures. However, now even hardline Hindu organisation feel no qualms, prescribing and calling for Sharia punishment for rape crime, just like in Saudi Arabia.

According to a news report, published by widely circulated Urdu daily, Inquilab, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha's senior vice president and Vishva Hindu Sena's President, Swami Omji, who are traditionally against Muslims and Islam, has openly come out with Sharia punishment to rapist. He has said, as Islamic Sharia Law punished crimes of rape and fornication, India's law too impose the same laws and Parliament should amend the laws accordingly. According to Swami, he has been in consultation with members of Parliament and they too are in agreement. Swami said, he will file a writ petition in Supreme Court and will demand that Supreme Court should instruct the Indian Government in this regard. Swami had visited the hospitalized girl and reported that the girl does not want to die.

The victim has suffered extensive injuries and her gangrenous intestines are taken out. The rapists had forced iron rods into her privates. She is fighting for her life. Prayers and vigils are held around the country. However, unlike United States, where President Barack Obama carried his entire nation in mourning on the death by shootings of 20 children and 6 teachers, India's President, Prime Minister and main ruling coalition Congress Party's Chief, a woman, Sonia Gandhi have remained at best very proper and failed to match public outrage. The ruling oligarchy is as feudal and patriarchal as if India is still in stone age. Atrocities on women is on the increase, as more and more women are coming out for education and employment and have to perforce increase their interactions with the male kind. Unless Indian government fully comprehends the paradigms of the changes in the society and devise measure to impose strict laws and fast-courts for such inhuman and deliberate attacks on innocent girls and women, the growing urbanization will take heavy toll on the women and their human rights as equal citizens of the nation.

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 this will be the great initiative if put in practice by the indians.irrespective of caste and communities this kind of horrendous act has strict punishment. no religion accept acts of such nature.
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