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Businessman and BJP leader killed in shootout in Ankola

Sat, 21 Dec 2013 - 19:49:40  | 
Source: S.O. News Service  |  Posted by:  I.G. Bhatkali
Businessman and BJP leader killed in shootout in Ankola

Ankola: Local BJP leader and businessman R N Naik was killed in a shoot out carried out by unknown assailants in Ankola today on December 21.

R N Nayak was shot at as he got into his car after coming out of his office near the bus stand and the bullet broke through the windshield and wounded his heart.

The incident occurred near the Ankola bus stand when unknown assailants opened fire at R N Naik when he got into his car after coming out of his bank. He was dead on the way to the hospital. However his bodyguard managed to kill one of the assailants in the gun fight. Sources have said that a mob managed to corner the one killers and that they were apprehended. It is being said that two of the assailants were from Varanasi and remaining two from Karnataka who managed to fled from the spot.

Fear has gripped the area and shops have been closed. The whole town of Ankola has been closed down and security has been doubled.

Uttara Kannada Superintendent of Police R Dileep, Bhatkal ASP Sudheer Kumar Reddy amongst many other higher police officers rushed to the spot and begins the investigation. It is said that police have traced the car, while police are looking for remaining 2 assailants.

R N Naik's shooting has refreshed memories of similar deaths of BJP leaders Dr Chittranjan and Timmappa Naik in 1996 and 2004 respectively in Bhatkal, but the police and even CBI had failed to crack the cases.

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S Gaonkar
 This dastardly act shall be condemned in strongest possible words.When a small town like Ankola starts suffering at the hands of antisocial elements, it is a matter of great concern . It is a tragedy that a person under police protection becomes victim. Revisit to gun licencing is a must as public have lost faith in government & its policing capacity.
Posted On : Monday, 23 December 2013 02:52:07 IST  Report Abuse
Arun Nayak Belekeri
 unbelivabe.he was a strength of our community.and a big loss to us.if police system traced the outfits erlier when he was thretened 2 months ago his life could have saved.
Posted On : Saturday, 21 December 2013 20:38:00 IST  Report Abuse