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Nawayath Mehfil organizes Eid Milan program in Bhatkal

Tue, 20 Aug 2013 - 22:40:56  | 
Source: AZaD  |  Posted by:  Staff Correspondent

Bhatkal: An Eid Milan program was organized by the cultural organization of Bhatkal 'Nawayath Mehfil' at the Mango farm in Hanifabad. The Eid Milan program is organized every year by the Nawayath Mehfil as an Eid celebration with the aim of bringing together the people of Bhatkal and to celebrate the richness of Nawayathi culture.

The function started with the recitation of verses from the holy Qur'an by Moulana Jafar Faqeeh Nadwi after which Moulana Arfat Katingri Manki presented the official anthem of the Nawayath Mehfil. General secretary of the Nawayath Mehfil Mr. Sadique Asarmatta welcomed the audience and introduced the Nawayath Mehfil to the gathering.

Addressing the audience, AHM president Mr. SM Khaleel-ur-Rahman said that the Mehfil should strengthen itself by connecting itself to the Konkani linguistic academy. "This will help the Mehfil in reaching new heights and in future it can structure as an academy." Mentioning how the Konkani academy was bestowing educational scholarships on deserving students, Mr. SM Khaleel-Ur-Rahman urged the Mehfil to take up such activities to boost the local students in their educational careers.

Further speaking on the occasion, Mr. SM Khaleel-Ur-Rahman said that the Bhatkally people should exercise more tolerance among themselves and stay united. " We are like a garland of flowers but nowadays everyone is snatching the strings of the garland, the result is that all the flowers have moved away from each other to such an extent that it cant be called a garland anymore. We need to bring ourselves back together and restore our unity." He said. "We should refrain from criticizing each other because to judge is Allah's right." He added.

Adding that the honouring the limits dictated by Islam, Mr. SM Khaleel-Ur-Rahma said that all cultural activites should be within the limits of Sharee'ah and that no activity should go beyond Allah's dictated limits. "We are Muslims first" he reminded. He also urged the audience to honour the name of prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam by reciting the short prayer for peace on him. " How can we be so careless when he hear his name when people like Bernard Shaw used to take his name with reverence?" he remarked.

Mr. Abdur Raheem Jukaku (Gen. Secretary, AHM) also spoke on the occasion and explained how the Nawaithy culture was extraordinarily rich than other cultures. He urged the people to retain the traditional honesty for which the Nawayath community was famous. Mentioning how a man from other community had praised Nawayaths on their simplicity in marriages, Mr. Jukaku urged the people to maintain the culture.

Mr. Abdur Rahman Mohtesham and Mr. Abdullah Lanka also spoke on the occasion. Mr. MJ Moula, Mr. Noufil Damudi and students of Shams English medium high school also presented their cultural songs written by Mustafa tabish and late Mr. Abdur Raheem Irshad.Moulana Abdul Aleem Qasmi delivered the vote of thanks. The function was managed by the program convener Dr. haneef Shabab.

Khaleefa Jamaat ul Muslimeen president SM Syed Hasan Saqqaf and Jamaat ul Muslimeen secretary Abdur Rahman Mohtesham and others were present.

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