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'Touheed' Ganguli - Inauguration of the Annual Sports Meet

Tue, 11 Dec 2012 - 16:54:37  | 
Source: S.O. News Service  |  Posted by:  I.G. Bhatkali

Gangolli: Annual Sports Meet of Touheed Girls' P.U. College and Touheed English Medium School, Ganguli was inaugurated on Sunday 9th December 2012 at 10.00am.

Mr. G. Mohd. Ameen (trustee) presided over the function. Mr. John Mathew (Principal, Green Valley National School, Shiruru), Mr. Abdul Majeed Chougley (Businessman), Mr. Abu Mohammed Moulana Shiruru (NRI), Mr. Abdullah Bedre (M/s Classic Enterprises, Kundapur), Mr. Ebrahim Saheb Kota (M/s 'Pleasant' Kundapur) were the Chief Guests of the function. Other distinguished resident, outstation & Non-resident guests including Mr. Fazal M.H, Mr. Mohd. Taha M.H, Mr. Riyaz Ahmed Kazi, Mr. Abu Mohammed Moulana, Mr. Mohsin Nakhuda, Mr. Moulana Zafar Ali, Mr. Abdul Gaffar Bukhari, Mr. Mudassir M.H, Mr. Moulana Mohd. Nazeer, Mr. Manzoor Nakhuda, Mr. Adil Ahmed Shaikh Manglore, Mr. Awoof Shabuddin, Mr. Shaikh Abdul Kareem, Mr. M.H. Abdus Samad and Mr. Masiulla G.M. Mysore were present.

The function started with invocation - recitation of the verses from holy Qur'an.

The distinguished guests were introduced by Akhther Ahmed Khan (Administrator)

Mr. John Mathew received a Guard of Honor, inaugurated the Sports Meet and addressed the students.

Mr. Abdul Majeed Chougley & Mr. Abdul Samad M.H also spoke on the occasion.

A spectacular parade, drill & -Pyramid- were displayed by the students.

Ms. Imra Kazi welcomed. Ms. Ridha Fathima Chougley proposed vote of thanks. Ms. Riha Rehman Kazi anchored the programme.

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