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People of Karikal village oppose opening of liquor shop

Tue, 28 Feb 2012 - 23:35:25  | 
Source: S.O. News Service  |  Posted by:  Sub Editor

Bhatkal: People in Karikal village have taken to task the Mavin Kurve gram Panchayat and have warned that they will hold massive protest, if they grant permission for opening a liquor shop in their area. They assert that they are strongly against the setting up of a wine shop in the area.

In a press conference held on Monday, the leaders of the area informed that the particular area consists of 170 families and the whole population sums upto 1500 people. He stated that majority of people belong to the financially backward class and if the wine shops comes up in the place, there are chances of people getting poorer, as it is anticipated that the men will tend to spend more money to get drunk.

The leaders also alleged that the panchayat obtained signatures from the public, in the name of applying for construction of roads, getting water supply facility and many other such things and later misused them. The literacy level in the village is very less, therefore, it has been easy for the panchayat to fool the people and grant permission for anything they want.

The liquor shop poses a threat to the young school girls in the area. The literacy level may come down even further, as the parents may stop sending their girls to school, with the intention of keeping them away from the inebriated drunken people, who will be found near the liquor shop.

Venkatraman Narayan Moger, Manjunath Moger, Govind Masti Kharvi, Sister Thiresa, Nagesh Kharvi and others were present in the press conference.

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